“I chose Trinity because of the amazing community I could sense during my short time as a visitor. It is obvious that God is doing beautiful things on this campus and that this community is feeding all of the students.”

Meet KateMaster of Divinity Student

“I chose Trinity Lutheran Seminary because the sense of community is truly unlike any other school I have ever visited. The warm feeling of welcome is compelling and it feels like home. I also really love the aspect of the 2+2… 2 years of classes, 2 years of internship. I think learning through actually doing is such an effective way to learn and I’m excited to have the extra year of experience through the internship.”

Meet KristinMaster of Divinity Student

“You know if you’re called by thinking about or trying to do something else and that does not fulfill you.”

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Meet JoshuaMaster of Divinity Student

“Discern all the details, seminary is not just for those who feel called to be a pastor or in a congregation.”

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Meet StephanieMaster of Art in Youth and Family Ministry

“I was first drawn to Trinity because they are on the leading edge of MDiv programs with the Spanish for ministry and 2+2 programs. The community here is what sealed the deal for me. When I visited, I could sense hob big community is here.”

Meet RobertMaster of Divinity Student

“My background is not extremely academic (hence an acting degree and working at camps) so the strong emphasis placed on Contextual Education through the 2+2 model at Trinity really appealed to me. The academics here are pretty rigorous as well.”

Meet CoreyMaster of Divinity Student