- the active process of sifting out other voices and listening for God

Explore resources for the discernment journey below

Meet Sean

“I first talked to my wife about what I was feeling. Honestly, I was hoping that she would think I was crazy and we could just close the book on this whole becoming-a-pastor thing…”

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Meet Nikkeya

“While discerning what I will do as a pastor, I have realized more and more how my ACTUAL personality and interests contribute to ministry and do not detract from it.”

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Meet Andy

“If you’re exploring public ministry in the ELCA, remember: You’re never alone in this; there are countless people all over this church who are praying for you and cheering you on.”

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Meet Roger

“I first felt the call when I was a young child. Once I got into the military it became clearer to me that God was calling me into Public Ministry.”

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